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Have Black lives ever mattered?

Mumia Abu-Jamal’s book addresses the long history of racist police and state repression, offering organizers crucial lessons on stopping the war on Black America.

Hammer and hoe: Alabama communists during the Great Depression

“Hammer and hoe” analyzes the emergence of the communist movement in Alabama during the 1930s, focusing on the struggles communists faced in organizing unions and anti-racist campaigns and how they were able to synthesize Marxist ideology with southern Black culture.

The state and revolution

For revolutionaries worldwide, The State and Revolution became the “new manifesto of the 20th century.” In the 21st century, the topic remains a pivotal one for revolutionaries, providing crucial theoretical weapons in the movement against racism, white supremacy, and police terror today.

Climate solutions beyond capitalism (study guide)

Tina Landis’ Climate Solutions Beyond Capitalism makes the case that socialism provides the framework for solving the crisis and demonstrates how capitalism acts as a barrier to a shift in our relationship to each other and the planet, crucial for humanity’s survival.

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Ukraine: right on NATO’s doorstep?

The Biden administration, Pentagon and NATO allies are conducting a dangerous and reckless campaign against Russia — one that has the potential to turn into a catastrophe for the people of the United States, Russia, Ukraine and the world. The aim is to strengthen the...

Women’s struggle for suffrage and beyond

Women’s struggle for suffrage and beyond

This article originally appeared as the fifth chapter in Donna Goodman’s Women Fight Back: The Centuries-Long Struggle for Liberation, published through Liberation Media and available for purchase here. Liberation School has a study and discussion guide for the book...

Assata Shakur: The making of a revolutionary woman

Assata Shakur: The making of a revolutionary woman

In commemorating Black August, we commemorate the struggle of those who have fought before us and faced violent repercussions from the state. We uplift the revolutionary history of the Black working class and its fundamental position in forging and leading the...