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The State
How “The State and Revolution” changed history

How “The State and Revolution” changed history

Anyone who aspires to be a real communist or to understand the theory of modern communism must study Lenin’s pamphlet The State and Revolution. Lenin was able to nearly finish this monumental contribution to Marxism and revolution while on the run, living underground...

La historia de la encarcelación estadounidense

La historia de la encarcelación estadounidense

La labor de prisioneros tiene larga historia en el desarrollo de los Estados Unidos. De hecho, personajes de la clase dirigente británica recibieron el empeño colonial temprano con los brazos abiertos como una estrategia de desechar la sobrepoblación. Mientras la...

Class unity: a weapon against police violence

Police brutality is one of the sharpest and most widely recognizable reminders that we live in a society dominated by an oppressing class. The cops commit some of the most shocking atrocities against poor and working people on a regular basis, and a broad section of...

Cops: enforcers for the capitalist class

Tools of repression For decades, into the 1980s, school districts across the country employed the “Officer Friendly” program that brought local cops into kindergarten and first-grade classrooms. Their point was obvious: to “educate” children with the belief that the...