The forgotten story behind Watergate: Lessons for the resistance

May 24, 2017
Cover of The Sun with the headline, "Nixon Resigns"

After Donald Trump fired FBI director James Comey–whom he had praised during his presidential campaign–the Richard Nixon Watergate scandal re-entered public discourse in a serious way. Parts of the political establishment who are opposed to Trump are comparing Trump’s actions to Watergate because they have impeachment on the agenda. Of course, they don’t want to impeach Trump for his real crimes of racism, misogyny, and war-mongering, but because he has been deemed unfit to effectively manage the capitalist state.

Nonetheless, it is crucial that we understand the real story of Watergate so that we can draw the correct conclusions.

Check out the first segment of this episode of Loud and Clear with Brian Becker for this history. It features an interview with Peter Kuznick, a professor of history at American University, and the co-author (with Oliver Stone) of The Untold History of the United States.